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Add On CoolingAdd On Cooling

Add On Cooling and refrigerated air conditioning systems installation by Geelong Air

Add On Cooling Systems can be integrated with most new gas ducted heating system installations, and existing gas central heating systems that have been installed and designed for future add on cooling. This allows refrigerated cooled air to be delivered throughout your home via ducted areas using your gas heaters fan with a zoned system. Geelong Air offer this service throughout Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast.

Please note if you have a existing heating system that has not been sized and allowed for future Add on refrigerated cooling that this is not an option for you.

How the add-on cooling system works

The Add-on cooling system is an air conditioning system which is added onto your ducted gas heating system. Your ducted system is then enabled to deliver both gas heating and refrigerated air conditioning through the same ducts and outlets. Ducted refrigerated systems are the premium method of air conditioning as they work in both dry and humid conditions. Air conditioning is most effective when delivered through a zoned system. Giving you control and choice of which areas you choose to heat or cool.

Benefits of Add- On Cooling and Refrigerated Air Conditioning

  • Refrigerated ducted cooling systems provide constant cool air throughout your home
  • Flexible cooling through Zoning
  • Add- on cooling enables the use of existing ducting and outlets
  • Clean and filtered refrigerated cool air
  • Ducted refrigerated systems work in both dry and humid conditions
  • Operates quietly

Refrigerated air conditioning provides ultimate comfort throughout winter and summer.

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