Ducted Gas Heating, Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surcoast

Ducted Gas HeatingDucted Gas Heating

Ducted gas heating and zoned home heating solutions expertly installed by Geelong Air

Ducted Gas Central Heating is the most cost efficient heating solution. Geelong Air has been installing ducted gas heating using zoned outlets to provide total heating control for your home. Zoned home heating solutions continue to be a favourite amongst the residents of Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surfcoast.

How the ducted gas heating systems works

Gas Ducted Central Heating is the most affordable and efficient way to heat your entire home. Using only top quality materials, our highly skilled technicians at Geelong Air install the gas ducted heating either in the ceiling or underfloor. This ducted heating system provides instant warmth to all areas of the home and office. Warm air flows through small strategically placed outlets in every room you require to heat. You and your family are in control your climate. With the wall mounted controller it’s simple to adjust the temperature and timing as you wish.

What is a zoned heating system?

Ducted Central Heating also offers energy and cost efficiency through zoning. A Zoned home heating solution allows you to divide your home into areas for heating to be delivered. It is recommended for larger homes to help further reduce running costs.

Benefits of the ducted gas heating system

  • Natural Gas is the most energy efficient way to power any heater
  • Ducted Central Heating can heat your entire home
  • Flexible heating through Zoning
  • Climate control by adjusting the temperature and timing gage
  • Most cost effective way to heat your home or office
  • Affordable to install and lower running costs

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