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Do you have a hot water system that is past its use by date? Maybe it is no longer big enough for your family? At Geelong Air, we are hot water system replacement experts and install new hot water systems in homes for a variety of reasons.

The main reasons home owners install a new hot water system tends to be either because the system no longer works correctly or because it no longer provides the heating capacity for the number of people living on the property. The most imortant reason for upgrading or installing a new hot water system is that you will significantly reduce the running costs and save money!

At Geelong Air we replace and install old hot water systems with brand new units fuelled by electricity or gas, as well as heat pumps and solar hot water heating systems. We have the best prices when you replace your current system with an upgraded model.

Advantages of electric hot water systems

  • Like for like replacement.
  • A quick hot water solution.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Affordable for most home owners.

Despite the number of options available, many people in Geelong still like to replace their existing electric hot water system with a similar system, the only change being to increase its capacity. With an electric system, you can choose either a continuous flow electric hot water system or a system that heats your water at night on a lower tariff.

Hot water system replacement doesn’t have to be expensive, not when you replace like with like. This is a quick fix, which is very affordable to most home owners.

Advantages of gas hot water systems

  • Instant hot water.
  • Lower emissions.
  • Energy efficient.

Gas and hot water system prices are quite affordable today, making a gas powered hot water system a viable option for many home owners. This has resulted in gas becoming more popular with an increasing number of people opting to use either natural gas or LPG to heat their water.

The advantages of gas is that it is more energy efficient than an electric system and the greenhouse emissions are much lower as well. Also, with gas you have a continuous flow hot water system, so you always have hot water when you need it.

Advantages of heat pump hot water systems

  • Lower electricity costs.
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Many people are not ready to install solar hot water heating systems in their homes, but they like the idea of a heat pump, which is a cheaper option than solar and is one step towards using full solar power to heat your water.

Heat pumps look very similar to regular hot water systems, but on the top of the tank it has a pump, which extracts heat from the air and uses this to heat your hot water. The heat pump still uses electricity to function, but not as much as with an electric hot water system and the emissions are less as well.

Advantages of evacuated tube solar with gas/electric booster

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Low cost hot water.
  • Easy and cheap to fix.

This is a solar powered system, designed specifically to heat your water, but which uses innovative evacuated thermal tubes, rather than the flat solar panels you might have seen on many Geelong roofs. These solar tubes are extremely energy efficient and are available in both gas and electric boosted models.

Another big advantage of using evacuated tube solar hot water heating systems is that if one tube breaks, you can easily replace just a single tube, which is a huge benefit when compared to the problems with fixing a flat solar panel.

At Geelong Air, we replace and install gas and electric hot water systems, as well as heat pumps and solar hot water systems. We supply all major brands and also upgrade gas and water lines if required for your new system.

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