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Gas Space Heaters expertly installed by Geelong Air.

Natural Gas space heaters are an ideal heating solution, to instantly warm a smaller area. We supply and install a wide range of stylish wall mounted fixed gas space heaters and wall furnaces. Our space heater range suits many different sized rooms in a variety of configurations. Heating just one area means a space heater is more economical and saves you money on running costs. Our clients across Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast enjoy the benefits and the modern design of our range of Space heaters.

Cleaner Heating

Using only natural gas, our space heaters are a more environmentally friendly way to heat your room. A gas space heater produces less carbon emissions than all other more traditional space heaters. Our complete range of space heater and wall furnaces are flued, allowing unhealthy exhaust gases to be expelled outside your home. You are able to further reduce your appliances running costs and increase it's efficiency by selecting a heater with a higher star rating. The higher the star the more energy efficient the heater is.

Safer Heating

Keeping your home and family safe is paramount to us here at Geelong Air, that's why our Space heating systems include:

  • Cool Touch Cabinets
  • Self Diagnostic Control Systems
  • Child Locks
  • Overheat safety switches

The advantages of Gas Space Heaters are numerous:

  • Constant heat
  • Ideal for use in poorly- insulated rooms
  • Flexibility in placement
  • More Environmentally friendly
  • Unhealthy exhaust gases expelled outside
  • Reduced running costs

Geelong Air's range of space heaters keep you in constant warmth and comfort without compromising stylish design.

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